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Location / Arrival

As soon as you have your flight and ferry times confirmed, please let us know in order to be reachable for you the day of your arrival.

1. Airport Tenerife South (Reina Sofia)

You have 3 options:
  • A taxi from the airport Tenerife South to the port of Los Christianos ("Puerto de Los Cristianos") costs around 25 €, it takes approx. 15 minutes.
  • There are public buses, departing opposite the airport exit, to the town of Los Cristianos, but do not pass by the port. Timetable at the bus stop.
  • Autobuses Mesa offers a cost-effective and comfortable airport-shuttle to your holiday-home in El Guro (approx. 50 €).

2. at the port of Los Cristianos

There is only one large building in the port area, where you can buy the ferry tickets.
Two ferry companies ‘Línea Fred Olsen’ and ‘Naviera Armas’ offer the connection to the port of San Sebastián de La Gomera (onward journey per public bus, taxi or rental car) or to the port of Valle Gran Rey – via San Sebastian.
Ferry timetables and prices change very often, so please check their websites.

If you are not sure about your departure time, you better buy only one way to La Gomera – “to La Gomera – one adult – one way” ("para la Gomera - un adulto - solo ida"). Return: "ida y vuelta"
The ferry companies offer a luggage van for free (Naviera Armas) or compartements in a luggage container for 1€ (Fred Olsen) for heavy luggage. You find them at the pier.

3. In San Sebastian de la Gomera
  • With a ferry that goes on to Valle Gran Rey (journey: 40 - 80 minutes, depending on the company)
  • Rental car (driving time: approx. 70 min.) – we recommend Autos Mulagua
  • Taxi to El Guro/Valle Gran Rey (price approx. 60€, driving time: approx. 1 hour)
  • Public bus, busline 1 to El Guro/Valle Gran Rey (price approx. 6 €, driving time: 90 min., timetable here)

4. At the port of Valle Gran Rey

There are no public buses at the port of Valle Gran Rey, but taxis waiting for you.
Tell the taxi driver that you want to be taken to: "El Guro – las escaleras de arriba, por favor" (approx. 10 minutes, approx. 7 Euro)

5. In El Guro

Arriving from the centre of the island:
Once you have passed the tunels you are in the valley of Valle Gran Rey. You pass by several districts: Lomo de Balo, El Retamal, Los Granados, ...
100 m after the place-name sign of the district 'Casa de la Seda' you find to your right-hand sight the one for El Guro, next to a Palm tree. (photo)
This is also the bus stop and you find parking places on the other side of the road.
This is where the stairway begins.
Following the sign, you take some steps downwards to the dry riverbed and continue to your left with the 130 steps to El Guro.
After about 80 steps the path turns to the right and after another 40 steps the path becomes even.
Any doubts, please call us at our mobile pone: +34 666 836 900

Bienvenidos! :-)


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