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Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions
§ 1
A contract between the guest and the owner will come into existence when the owner has received a request for a holiday home and it has been confirmed by the owner. A written or an oral confirmation at short term is binding. The contract binds guest& all the members of the party. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that all members of the party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms & conditions of booking. The number of the party using the accommodation at any time must not exceed the number in the confirmation/contract. If there are more people, the guest must have the agreement of the owner.
§ 2
The owner is obliged to provide an accomodation in perfect conditions according to the regulations by law or the market practices. He has to provide another accomodation, if he cannot offer the confirmed accomodation to the guest. The owner also has to rent out the accomodation as soon as possible if the guest cannot fulfill the contract and has to pay back the compensation the guest had paid entirely or partially.
§ 3
If the guest cancels the contract before the stay, arrives later or departs earlier tan accorded, she or he commits her or himselve to pay the agreed rental price for the days which she or he does not require the reserved accomodation less cost saved by the owner.
The balance must be paid the latest on the arrival day before entering the accomodation. If the guest does not use the accommodation covered by the contract, she or he is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price less cost saved by the owner. The guest is also obliged to pay the amount for the duration of the contract until the accomodation has been rented out to someone else.
§ 4
Cancellation of the lease agreement:
·        If you cancel your holiday more than 8 weeks before it is due to start then there is no fee to be paid but your deposit will not be refunded.
·        If you cancel your holiday less tan 8 weeks but not more tan 4 weeks before it is due to start 50% of the agreed rent is to be paid.
·        If you cancel your holiday less tan 4 weeks before it is due to start, 100% of the agreed rent is to be paid.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended to take out comprehensive travel insurance.
§ 5
The arrival date is counted as a rental day. A rental price will be agreed. On the arrival day, the accomodation will be prepared from 15 o’clock on. On the departure day, the accomodation has to be left until 10 o’clock in order to give the owner the time to prepare the accomodation for the next guest.
§ 6
The accomodation is handed over by the owner in clean and contractual conditions. Should there be any deficiencies or the inventory is incomplete, the guest should inform the key kepper/owner immediately, otherwise the place will be considered immaculate. The guest is liable for all damages that occur in the accomodation and she or he is liable for all persons accompanying her or him. A deposit can be required to cover possible damages.
§ 7
Personal data of the customer will be handled only according to legal regulations of the Ordinance on Data Protection and on the Teleservices Data Protection Act. They are only made available to third parties if necessary for processing the letting (cleaning service, housekeeping, insurance, etc.).
Privacy policy
§ 8
On receipt of the booking confirmation a deposit of 100€ is to be paid. Information about payment will be sent together with the booking confirmation.
§ 9
The additional costs (as electricity, gas, Internet, etc.) are included in the rental price. Bringing animals need consent of the owner. The guest is committed to comunicate the request to bring one or more pets in advance. If we do agree, it is only under condition that the pets are always with someone, not having any deseases and will not be dangerous for any other guests.
§ 10
As place of jurisdiction is valid the island of La Gomera.
§ 11
(Severability clause): Should one or more terms of this agreement be ineffective, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid one which best achieves the purpose aimed for by the invalid provision.
Date of September 2017
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